Electrical Basics

Making a good electrical repair or correctly installing electronics on your boat can make a huge difference in the longevity of the project. The correct tools and proper materials will make for a quick and long lasting repair or install. With a good test light tracking an electrical problem is quite easy whether its in the bilge, under the helm or within the gunnels. When installing a new depth sounder, marine radio, bilge pump, horn, radar, ect with all the right stuff the job will be easy. Tools and materials needed for most repairs and installations include, basic hand tools, a 1/2 inch drill, 3/8 cordless drill, a set of drill bits, assorted hole saws, crimper/wire stripping tool, double stranded wire, assorted connectors, electrical tape, fuses, fuse holders, silicone caulk, test light, soldering gun, solder paste, tie straps, misc. stainless screws, side cutters and shrink tube. Depending on the project one or more of these will be needed. All electrical and electronics require that they be fused or go through a breaker, also the proper gauge wire will be needed. A good battery ground is a must to ensure good current flow and help reduce static noise on the radio equipment. 

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