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Help! My Engine Won’t Start!

When a marine engine whether it’s an inboard or outboard won’t start there is a procedure for testing to find the problem. These test procedures will work with most gas powered engines. A few tools needed for testing the marine engine includes hand tools that would include hand wrenches, screwdrivers, and a socket set with […]

Marine Battery Isolator

The battery isolator is very similiar to the battery switch in that it can charge two batteries and yet isolate the two.The difference being that there is no manual switch to operate using the battery isolator, its all automatic. There is pros and cons to both setups, with the battery isolator you have only one […]


Choosing the Correct Propeller

Choosing the correct prop for your boat can mean the difference between a well performing motor, and an engine that is low on power which is lugging or over revving. A lugging or over revving engine will eventually fail to engine damage. The prop must be for the proper application, be it an outboard, inboard, […]


Fuel Lines

This is a mercury outboard fuel line coming apart from the inside, which will clog fuel pumps and carburetors. Fuel lines that are showing deterioration on the outside are deteriorated on the inside too. Marine grade line holds up a little better than regular stuff, but too many variables. One big thing is if your […]


Electrical Basics

Making a good electrical repair or correctly installing electronics on your boat can make a huge difference in the longevity of the project. The correct tools and proper materials will make for a quick and long lasting repair or install. With a good test light tracking an electrical problem is quite easy whether its in […]