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Blue Water Marine offers shrink wrap with inside and outside storage available for storing your boat or RV. If you are interested in storing with us for the 2013 season please call or email for more information. Check our rates and compare.
Shrink wrapping of boats is available for outside storage. The boats will be properly framed before being covered with the addition of vents and optional door for winter access. Shrink wrap is good for a one time use, normally consisting of one storage season. Boats that are shrink wrapped must have engines and water systems winterized for freeze protection.
Inside cold storage is a better option with a higher cost but better enviromental protection. Boats stored inside are protected from the elements including condensation and mildew damage. Boats will still need to be winterized for freeze protection. With inside storage your boat can be serviced during the winter season and be ready for the water come spring.
Heated storage is the best option and the most expensive. With heated storage your boat does not need to be winterized, and it will give a comfortable work enviroment for those servicing the boats. At this time we do not offer heated storage.
Our winterization program for outboards and I/Os include checking all fluids, grease all fittings, stabilizing the fuel, fogging the engine, draining of all water and a minimum of 1 gallon of environmentally safe -100 marine engine anti-freeze for all I/Os. Winterizing of heads and water systems as required. Winterization options include oil and lube change, fuel filter change, alignment, and small repairs as needed.
New Storage Building
Check on the progress of our new 5000sf storage building as it is being built. If interested in storing your boat or RV with us please email or call for more information.
Blue Water Marine     8690 S. Oceana Drive,    Montague Mi.  49437
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