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Marine Dynamometer

What is a Marine Dyno? A Dynamometer is a device that provides a measurable load (force) on an engine. The Marine Dynamometer provides a load for marine outboards and I/Oís to closely simulate actual on-the-water operation. Dyno load measurements can be used to evaluate an engineís full throttle power and acceleration.
Why is load testing an engine so important? An engineís operating characteristics are completely different during no-load (static) running than they are during loaded (dynamic) running. It would make sense that you should do your tuning and troubleshoot ing on an engine that is comparably loaded to actual on-water conditions. How many times have you tested your motor on a garden hose and it runs great! Only to find when you are at the lake that as soon as you put it in gear it stalls or when you hit the throttle the engine will bog.
Can Dyno testing harm an engine? Dyno testing will not harm an engine. All you are doing is duplicating normal operating conditions.
What engines can be run on a dyno? Most outboards and I/Oís from 35hp up to 575hp. This particular Dyno handles most common marine engines up to 260hp.
Dyno verses lake test? A dynamometer can detect and simulate 93% of engine load conditions that a water test on the lake would provide. Low idle speed testing; mid-range or full throttle testing can be accomplished in a controlled environment with a dyno. A small percentage of issues, such as boat hull changes or other conditions tha t are not related to the engine canít be detected with the dyno and may require a lake test. Many times lake tests involve more than one trip to the lake to make the final repair, as most tools and parts are back at the shop. The big advantage of the dyno is that itís right at your shop where all your tools, testing equipment, and parts are. This being a savings to the customer, as less hourly time is spent in the repairs of the motor.
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